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It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

What to do in Barcelona?

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Use Your Network to Find a New Job

3 Tips.

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What makes a good job advertisement?

Your Guide.

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This is how you hire great employees: Step-by-Step Guide

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The importance of keywords in your CV

Choose them wisely and correctly:

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What questions should be asked at the debriefing session?

Your Guide.

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Why is debriefing a candidate so important?

The benefits of debriefing.

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Use your body language!

How it helps you in a job interview?

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LinkedIn: How to set up a good profile?

Your Guide.

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How to create the ideal CV?

Things that are important for recruiters.

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“I have a Bore out!” – A what?

Early indications and how companies can prevent it.

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Why Employees Leave & What to Do About It?

Social Media Recruiting:

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The Power of Social Media in Employee Selection and Recruitment

Social Media Recruiting:

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What to do after a job interview?

Do not screw it up before it even started.

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How to ensure cultural diversity?

Diversity at your workplace.

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How important is a balanced working atmosphere?

A job that fulfils yourself.

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Happy Birthday

4 years Talented International

This is our journey

Future Working Trends

6 Trends and Developments in the Industry.

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How to prepare for a job interview?

6 Tips that can help you to impress.

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What you should do before quitting your job?

The steps you need to do first.

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Do you work in a toxic environment?

The early indications.

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Top 3 Myths About Recruitment

Let's put the facts on the table.

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The perfect Elevator Pitch

Inspire in 60 seconds.

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How to make your recruitment LGBTQIA+ friendly

Make your company more diverse.

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The role and process of recruitment agencies

What does a recruitment agency do ?

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Comment recruter un recruteur ? (suite)

Recruter des recruteurs performants

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Ce qui va changer dans la supply chain

Les challenges de la supply chain

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8 Tips to interview candidates

How to interview candidates ?

How to succeed in a job interview?

Discover how to succeed in a job interview

Comment recruter un recruteur ?

Recruter des recruteurs performants

Employment in the green energy sector

The green energy sector trends

5 reasons to work in GreenTech

Why work in GreenTech ?

Reasons to work in the pharma industry

Why you should develop your career in the pharmaceutical industry ?

Metaverse and recruitment

This mix of virtuality and reality is the future

Le recrutement 2.0

Les dernières tendances dans le recrutement

Salary survey in renewable energies

Discover salaries in renewable energies in France

How to attract German speakers

How to attract German speakers

International recruitment of Germans

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7 reasons to work in the Tech Industry

Why working in tech is good for your career ?

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4 tips to find a job on social networks in pharma

How to find a job on social networks in pharma ?

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Top 3 tips to engage with German candidates

How can you compete for Talent in Germany?

Discover on the simple steps to engage with Talent in Germany

Un processus de recrutement de qualité

Comment assurez un bon recrutement

Voici ce qu'il faut faire

Ce qu’il faut savoir aujourd’hui sur le recrutement dans le retail.

Comment recruter dans le secteur du retail

Tout ce qu'il faut savoir pour recruter dans le retail!

5 tips before going to an interview

Read this and be ready for your job interview

See the tips to be well prepared for your interview

5 rules to hire in germany

The 5 rules to successfully hire in Germany

How can you engage candidates in Germany?

There are steps you must take!

Processus de recrutement

Découvrez l'envers du décor

Devenez un pro du recrutement!

Suche Sie ein Verkaufsleiter in Deutschland?

Finden Sie den perfekt Verkaufsleiter!

Sehen Sie alle Tipps um ein Verkaufsleiter zu werben!

Why is Berlin the new place for Tech startups?

The german capital atracts more and more startups

See why Berlin is becoming the new tech hub!

The secret to recruiting in Technology

How to find the best candidates in that field

See all the advice to recruit in technology!

Salary guide for Germany

Salary Guide for Germany

Find out about real market data on salaries in Germany

Check salary Trends in multiple Cities

What is social recruiting?

Do you use social media in your recruitment process?

Learn how to use social media to recruit!

How to recruit in Germany?

How can you find the best candidates in Germany?

Here are the advice to recruit in Germany.

How to hire passive candidates?

About 85% of the candidates are not active! See how to reach them!

See how you can reach passive candidates

Recruiting Germans

Where are all the German candidates?

Wonder why you can’t find enough German candidates?

Well, here is how you can do it

How is AI changing the fashion industry?

AI is used in many fields, see how fashion industry is using it!

Fashion before and after AI

Employee Well-Being in Top Cosmetics companies

How the Top Cosmetics companies keep their employees happy

Great tips to ensure Employee Well-being

The 5 biggest video games companies in 2021

Who are the leading video games companies?

Check who they are!

How to hire a good sales manager?

Is the candidate the perfect profile for this role?

See the 4 hints to hire a good sales manager

How L’oréal renews recruitment.

How L'Oréal evolves the recrutment?

See the new techniques that the group uses!

Modern interview techniques in 2021

Interview are always improving!

See what are the new interview techniques in 2021!

Comment l’IA impacte l’industrie et supply chain?

L'IA révolutionne l'industrie!

Voici les innovations dans la supply chain!

Débriefer son candidat après un entretien

5 raisons de débriefer un candidat après son entretien

Débrifer avec les candidats est très important

Recruter sur les réseaux sociaux

Pourquoi faut-il recruter sur les réseaux sociaux

Réussissez vos recrutements grace aux réseaux sociaux

L'importance d'engager ses talents

Engager ses talents en 2021 est primordial

Comment assurer de garder ses talents

Future of Work - Recruiting Trends 2021

Discover what are the trends in recruitment in 2021

Top trends to watch out for next year

Employer Branding: your weapon to attract Talent

What inventive strategies to implement for talent acquisition?

Let's look at social media, digital content, emails, text messages, and more

Working together

Why you shouldn’t use a Recruitment agency!

Recruitment is all about relationships, so don't USE a Recruitment agency

Discover why recruitment agencies can be your best allies and not just a basic supplier

Use Artificial Intelligence to recruit employees

Discover 5 Great Ways companies use AI!

Discover how you can employ Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment process

Rewards and Benefits since Covid-19

What are the changes?

Let's look at some of the changes for employers and employees

5 predictions about the future of recruitment

What's in the future?

Let's look at the potential future of recruitment

Recruiters: how to debrief with your candidates?

Get examples of debriefing questions!

Learn how to debrief with your candidates and the benefits of doing so!

CV Tips: 7 questions to ask yourself

Follow our tips to write a CV that will get interviews!

Let's look at 7 key questions to write an attractive CV

How to handle rejection with dignity!

Discover our recruiters' pro tips!

Learn how to handle rejection with dignity in 4 tips.

Recruiters: how to debrief with your candidates?

Get examples of debriefing questions!

Learn how to debrief with your candidates and the benefits of doing so!

Managing in times of change and uncertainty!

Do you know for what VUCA stands for?

Discover how to become a successful leader in a VUCA environment.

Survival guide for WFH parents

How to work whilst minding your children?

Discover our pro tips in our survival guide for WFH parents.